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Piracy and intellectual property theft are common problems for the majority of software developers and distributors. .NET applications are also subjects for such issues. The source code can be reproduced from compiled .NET assemblies in a rather easy and fast manner, as specialized tools (disassemblers, decompilers, etc.) are quite common nowadays, allowing even users with insufficient skill and knowledge to perform such actions. The most used method to prevent such operations and ensure intellectual property protection is the obfuscation of the source code. Unfortunately the obfuscation comes with all kinds of limitations and is simply not enough to ensure complete protection. .NET Reactor is a handy program that adds additional layers of protection besides the code obfuscation and ensures that your .NET assemblies and applications are truly secured. While the obfuscated code has been cracked before, not the same thing can be said about code protected with .NET Reactor.

Besides code obfuscation, .NET Reactor also uses protection methods like NecroBit (the replacement of the CIL code within methods with encrypted code), anti ILDASM (specialized blocking of decompilation tools), anti tampering function, string encryption, and more. It is indeed a powerful tool that can be trusted to provide the best results. It also comes with a simple and straightforward interface that makes operating it a fast and easy job.

Cutting a long story short, if you need to protect your .NET assemblies, libraries, and apps, then you should give .NET Reactor a try. It is an undeniably powerful and reliable utility that leaves no room for complaint.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Supports multiple protection methods
  • Includes a NET inspector and many other handy additional tools


  • Pricey
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